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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Furry Fiesta Badge
So Anthrocon 2012.

I went to it and here is my con report. Clearly this will be behind a jump

So I had originally not intended to go to Anthrocon but I was convinced by a few people that I should go. My original convention going for the summer would have been the Medical librarian Convention in Seattle in May and then San Diego comic con followed by Bubonicon in Albuquerque around August.

So I went to Anthrocon to sell my book, other people's books, and have a nice time and actually I had a great time. It remains a very fun, if tiring convention.

I won't bore you all with the details of my difficulties getting there. Suffice to say that I'm writing a very angry letter to American Airlines over their broken promise of a cab voucher and the poor work they did of supporting people like me with their massively delayed flights. I did however get to travel on the same planes as Blotch which was pretty fun as they are cool people!

So I got to the convention five hours later then intended but I got there. I was rooming with Fuzz, Teiran and Savrin and they were all already in bed when i got in. Along with ConfusedOO we were all working the FurPlanet table selling things.

Friday was a lot more intense. Teiran and I had the first of several talks about how to improve Tales of the Extraordinary. They were all productive and I think we put together a number of good ideas on what to do right.

The Dealer Den at this Anthrocon was more intense then I had ever seen. First of all it was much larger with a huge array of artists and other dealers. The art show and the artist alley was actually tucked away this year. Friday is usually the busy day at Anthrocon and this was not an exception. Actually it was more intense. Swarms of people came by not only the FurPlanet table. There wasn't really a break in the flood the entire day just a few small lulls.

It was intense enough that the Furplanet table ran out of coins that were meant to last the convention. Buck, ConfusedOO, had to run to the bank for more and he picked up lunch while he was at it that everyone ate furtively. In other words traffic was high and so were sales. I did get the chance to go to Cooner to get his new Portfolio but that was it for major dealer den explorations.

After a quick meal at subway after the den closed I got over tot he Sofawolf party. It was yet another really nice party, though they weren't celebrating the release of Nordguard this year, and the room was very cool. The Sofawolf guys know how to put together a nice party. I had to bug out early as I was starting to fall asleep due to my late arrival.

Clearly I saw a lot of people and far too many to hope to get the names right among them were KarmaKat, Tredain, Benton, Jeff, Karwoodbear, Spiritwolf/Invisiblewolf, Skitzky, Brill, Canem, Wolfy, Scot158 and more.

Saturday was a bit more sedate, though not by much. Activity at the table was steady though not as busy. People were more willing to peruse. It was busy enough I still didn't get to walk the den much. A few people stopped by and I said hello. Had some fursuiters drop by as well. It was a decent day in that regard.

We grabbed subway, again, and then headed over to a panel. The subway manager was wearing a few bits of furry swag including the certified raver badge by mary mouse. Sparf and Buck were going to read some excerpts from a few furplanet books. Sadly no one came due to Uncle Kage doing a show which ensured small crowds for everyone else. It happens so we all grouped out and I hung out with Arthur husky, Ianus Wolf, Ashe Tiger, Mangi and Sparf for a bit then I went to bed still feeling tired.

Sunday was the clam day which is atypical for fur cons. Sundays tend to have a mad rush at the very end of people shopping for last minuet purchases. It was slow enough I got to explore the den and get two cool sketches. That also surprised me as artists are usually full up by that point. I got to talk to a few people too and I even got a Certified Corgi badge. Then almost too soon the convention dealer den was over.

Fuzzwolf, Teiran, Savrin, Buck and I hit Tonic for food. We found out AC had a 5000+ attendance, a near 25% increase in attendance and that doesn't count the possible ghosts running around. Sparf, Mangi, Ianus, and Ashe came over to the room to hang out for a bit and talk. Buck had to sleep over due to his room mates leaving which worked out just fine.

Monday was pack up and head out day. We got our things together and said goodbye. I had originally planned on hanging out at the convention space and then taking the bus to the airport but Teiran suggested I take a cab with Fuzz. I did that and got tot he airport for my 6:00 PM flight at 11:00 AM. Security was a breeze with no enhanced pat downs. I hung out with Fuzz for a bit until he got on his flight and then I began PittsburghAirportCon 2012 in earnest.

I love the airport after the convention tons of people milling about waiting for flights. No where else to go and we can just hang out chat play some card games and be friendly.

I got to hang out with Mapdark, a few britfurs,Istanbul, Blotch, Flinters, Cooner, Ershye Flafle, and Brill again. Played some monopoly deal traded stories with people and had a grand old time hanging out with folks. So I am glad I came early that Westin always feels way to huge to run into people where as if you just walk around the airport you'll meet folks.

I also played spot the furry everyone's favorite post con game and here are the rules:
Basically the idea is to rack up points. You can not count yourself though people you arrive with do count.
0.5 Points for obvious tails, ears, or fursuits. (One guy was wearing a fursuit through security somehow)
1 point conshirt, clearly furry nerd shirt
2 Point No obvious furry stuff
5 Points "Famous" author, podcaster or artist
10 Points Person in business suit
+1 Bonus Point for asking directly and you're correct
-2 Points if you ask and the person has no idea what Anthrocon is
-5 Points for Troll/B-Tard

I scored roughly 138.5.

I really need to see about putting out an app. Maybe a GPS program with pins and point totaling device?

So overall thoughts:

I had my usual good time. Anthrocon is supremely tiring as a convention in the delaer's den and it is hard to meet up with people. I had a good time seeing folks and heck my book sold 13 copies (of 15 brought not counting the display). Smiley and the Hero and Otters in Space sold out completely along with displays. A lot of other comics and print books sold too.

I have to say the FurPlanet print books (essentially furry art coffee table books) sold very nicely. It is clear those are good books for the market. Even the $35 hardcover coffee table one sold extremely well. So I had fun and made some cash. Got some sketches it was a nice time. I'm going to say that the recession for furry buyers seems to be over if there is another anthrocon like this for sales.

The downside of the convention was that I felt extremely tired. I'm not sure why that was the case I blame the late flight a little bit but I'm not sure what else caused it. That made it a little hard to go do other things like go to the Zoo. I admit I tend to be uncomfortable around big crowds and the Zoo when tired was not palatable. I also had a nasty feeling of anxiousness around the table team. I don't know why I felt so worried that I was annoying them and making them upset but I felt that way even when they told me I wasn't. I'm not sure where those feelings came from and I know if I start apologizing too much it will start annoying people but it was like I couldn't help myself. Fuzz and Teiran are my friends so I have no idea why I felt that way which makes me feel a little stupid.

Eh that is life. I still had a fun time at an unplanned convention and I'm feeling overall good. Back to writing Tales of the Extraordinary.

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It was good seeing u again and enjoy your badge :3

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