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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Late as always but here is a Captain America Review
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So Captain America The First Avenger. I saw it last Sunday the day after Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2. As everyone knows Wonder Woman is my favorite hero but Captain America is my second. He is a favorite character to me for a lot of reasons I won't bore you with but he's interesting and, much like wonder woman, when you write him right he's awesome.

I'm going to admit this right now. I cried and I will spoiler why I cried at this movie.

Captain America ended up being the one movie last weekend I enjoyed most and perhaps is the movie I liked the most for 2011. Wow. Just wow. It was an incredibly well put together movie. I think its the best of the marvel movie films and overall a strong movie I'd watch again. Easily beating out a lot of movies, and superhero movies, in general.

Those who know me know why i like the Captain and most who know me are aware that while I liked Iron Man but that in my opinion it has serious flaws. I can't find serious narrative or structural flaws with Captain America though i'm sure some people will point them out to me. Oh I have complaints but they fall more in the "I want more" category.

What I really enjoyed was that Steve Rogers gets a lot of personal development. We learn more about him and the driven man behind the mask and that works very well. Actually its the entire theme of the movie. The man behind the mask. What makes Steve special. What it means to serve and be a hero. Red Skull believes his superiority as a great man destined him for the serum and to rule. Meanwhile Steve is in this for his friends, his country and for others. It is a dichotomy we see a lot with the Captain in the comics but it comes off extremely well here. For the movie to work we need to understand Steve Rogers. We get a pretty good background for him and development that trickles out but the basis is this: his parents died serving and helping others but they clearly influenced Steve in the same way. His entire life is about standing up to bullies and helping people, even those he doesn't know. He doesn't believe in killing as a motive instead its a means to an end in war. The movie captures the nuances of who Steve Rogers is, and all of this is why Erskin chooses him and why we agree with Erskin.

Peggy Carter was a huge part of this movie. Wowzers. Peggy not only looks the part of a 1940's recruitment pin up but she plays the brassy 40's girl of comics so well. She's actually a good character in her own right. We get her. She's a dedicated intelligent woman serving her country and the Allies. Unlike every other superhero movie where I'm bored with the love interest I want to know more about Peggy I want to see her with Steve. They had incredible chemistry. The part at the end when Steve is crashing the flying wing doomsday weapon. When he says goodbye to Peggy Carter. It is played so well and the actors sell the moment so well that I found myself crying. I couldn't help it. At the very least because I know we won't be seeing them together again and them being together was so good its sad. but they sell the scenes so well its hard not to enjoy them. The scene at the end where she opens Steve's file and looks at him before the serum is in itself special. the look on her face is so effecting no words need to be spoken.

Actually the entire supporting cast is amazing. Steve is a good character but the movie is held up mainly by the supporting cast. Col. Chester Phillips played by Tommy Lee Jones is just incredible and he honestly steals a lot of scenes he is in. He delivers the punchy lines he needs to and sells it well. The entire Howling Commandos are amazing. they may be bit parts. Dugan, played by Neal McDonough is just a sweetie (and okay kind of eye candy for me) but really the entire team just looks great. I wanted to see a lot more with them. Heck I'd love to see THEM in a movie they have great chemistry as a team and they look fantastic. They do their parts even better even if it is a montage. The commandos are just wonderful as part of the film and they underscore that most important part of Captain America: teamwork

The Captain might be a super soldier and possess amazing physical potential, and an awesome shield (btw the parts with the shield are fantastic and I loved the old call back to the older design), but he's at the end a mortal man(again this is important to the film). But America's real power has always been his ability to form teams and get people to work together. Its his biggest strength, that he leads by example but knows how to delegate and command as an effective leader. Frankly he looks good doing it and the team work moments are where he looks the strongest.

Red Skull himself is a good villain, but he always has been, and he actually has some good menace to him. Though really they amp up the "super nazi" aspects a bit too much. Why am i feeling bad for dead nazi soldiers and him attacking Berlin. yeesh. Still yeah everyone laughed a bit when he took off his flesh mask. And yeah he's pretty over the top. Still the plan is good. We get what he is doing, the stakes of them, and his motives and they work to make an effective villain. Also a good call back to thor and the old "magic" pulp motive for nazi foes.

In the end my biggest problems with the film were probably bucky, the music and the ending.

Bucky is a fun character and i'm glad they changed him. that works for the story. I'm just not sure after the first act what purpose Bucky has to the rest of the story. His death seems meaningless and he doesn't seem to be there except to underscore how Rogers has changed due to the serum and his training. I was honestly expecting him to betray Steve at some points. Again I like the character and what they did with him, changing him from a young boy to a fellow soldier and best friend from before, he just seemed to lack purpose especially next to all the howling commandos and peggy and everyone else.

the music is fun but a little blah. I got the album to support the movie, because i liked it so much, but the song number is a little weak for me. They don't evoke the time period well and the marching bits are fun but its just not as strong as it could be. Yes I am reaching with this one.

Finally the ending: the ending is great i mean it is raw when steve seems to die and its evoked well in a few well placed scenes. Him waking up in the hospital is played extremely well. We knew it was comign from the beginning and from reading the comics. Still. I'm just sorry we wont see captain America with the commandos, or Peggy or col phillips. they worked so well together and the movie was so punchy its just a real shame to have lost this aspect and i'm sorry for that. I would have enjoyed another Captain America before the Avengers movie (which they preview in this one). It feels like we're going to miss the real fun of these people and characters getting more screen time and that is sad to me.

Again my complaints really are: I want more.

So overall thoughts: great movie, fun movie I really enjoyed myself Four stars, good film make sure to see it as soon as you can.

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I'm just not sure after the first act what purpose Bucky has to the rest of the story.

Bucky is the reason why Captain America infiltrates the Hydra base, essentially transforming him from war bond salesman to hero. When he heard that it was the 107th that had casualties, it wasn't until he heard that Bucky was among the dead or captured that he grabbed the helmet and shield. Moreover, once he freed the captured soldiers, Bucky's presence in the lab made him push further into the complex, which led to his first meeting with the Red Skull.

Ultimately, that not only started him on the steps to becoming a hero, but it also won him the respect of the regiment that was mocking him hours earlier, setting up act three.

Given that I know what happens in the comics, I'm okay with the death. If Marvel wants to do a "Winter Soldier" storyline in the films, they have a nice set up for it now.

Yeah okay that is a good point and one I hadn't considered fully but yes Bucky is the reason he saves the 107th

Still it just felt like they weren't sure what else to do with Bucky after the save despite the death being a Winter Soldier set up...

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