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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Been putting this off
I've been trying to avoid this for a few days because I keep wanting it to be a joke but its not.

I got a call last Thursday from my boss. The one for my dream job that was offered to me in February. The one who told me to come to Minneapolis for the convention so I could have lunch with her. I went to Washington DC after the funeral to apartment hunt because she kept saying this job would happen.

She called to tell me the school has decided to undergo a hiring freeze. So they were not going to give me the contract. Needless to say it was upsetting to learn this. thank goodness I had not made any major financial choices in regards to the job. Like getting a lease to an apartment.

I had been applying to a few jobs after the offer but nothing on a grand scale and none had come through. So now i have to get back into that game. Again.

Thank goodness for my acquaintances, friends and family who have all been rushing to my aid with advice, tips and help in the past few days. Special shout out to fuzzwolf and teirandragon who went beyond the call of duty for me. You've all been amazing.

I'm just upset now that i have to keep up with this when I thought I was done and moving on with my life.

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Very sorry to hear the news. *hugs*

I'm sorry, bud. *hug* :-(

Well, on the one hand, thank goodness for you finding out early.

On the other hand, leaving DC and coming back to Cleveland was one of the worst career choices I have ever made. There's no jobs in Cleveland and plenty of jobs in DC. What can I say?

There is nothing to say really but the thought counts for a lot and thanks for sending me a thought okay *hugs*


The other side of the coin is if God had wanted me to live in D.C, he would have found a way to bring me back there. I loved living there but the whole time I was there, I kept feeling deep in my heart that I was running away from something in Cleveland and that I needed to go back and take care of it.

It's like I needed to finish whatever it was I needed to be doing back here in the heartland and stop following a dream that wasn't mine to follow. It was fun while it lasted.

Here again, there's a difference between what feels good and what feels right. :)

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