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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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got an awesome Brony Me pic
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So I'm cutting this for those who don't like the new My Little Pony

Cogs is a pony from Alfalfaquerque he grew up in the area surrounded by baked goods, sunlight, and turquoise. He enjoyed all sorts of breads from brioche to frybread and tasty alfalfa burgers with green chili (the classic city food of this area of Equestria). Its no surprise that his cutie mark is fresh baked bread. Cogs loves baking and warm sunny days because that's when the yeast really works well. He also enjoys galloping on the mesa, making sandwiches and reading but clearly bread making is where he excels.

wyld_b_wolfy reworked this for me and I lurv it. ^.^

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Cool character! *hoof bumps!*

After having watched all the available episodes, it's become really hard for me to imagine how someone could *not* like the new MLP. It's got good characters and an entertaining plot.

I do love home-baked goods. There's something just a little different about mass-produced cookies, pies, and breads. Somehow the texture of them never quite matches that of home-baked (or, at least, anything my mom home bakes).

*hoof bumps back* heh thanks

the characters really do carry this show.

Well industrial flours and sugars are different from the stuff at home and you need the industrial stuff to produce in large quantities.

The new MLP stuff is really cute, but I'm a Pony Purist and still prefer the old 80's cartoons. ;) The big anime-style eyes don't do it for me.

I miss Fizzy and Firefly and Shady and the Flutter Ponies and the like. :D

I watched those shows in the 80's but I'm not a purist. I admit though this style is a little much but I just enjoy the characters so much.

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