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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Officially a Brony
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Not that it should shock anyone but I really do enjoy the My Little Ponies Friendship is Magic cartoon.

The stories are fun. I love the characters. The Art is interesting and overall I'm really enjoying it.

Keep in mind when I was a little boy I had my little pony toys and I wanted the other iterations. But I think this one is the superior invention. the others had large almost forgettable casts and the first one just had some serious story telling problems (though wow it had dark occult stuff like soul stealing and demon lords).

This one the world is really well thought out and interesting. ts funny seeing the ponies reacting to wild nature and weirded out that they aren't helping. Its fun seeing the Pegasuses' weather factory. Really the entire thing is just fun!

The cast of six ponies (plus spike who gets a much more interesting origin story and voice actor) is much easier to follow and more interesting. I like the issues of real life (like taking on too many projects or stage fright) and in general its a good show. The self referential humor and fun songs and staging help as well. Also all these women can take care of themselves. there are guys around and they aren't tokens but they aren't necessary for any of the pony girls functionality.

I also like that the six characters are fleshed out interesting people. Each one with flaws and strengths instead of just archetypes crashing into each other (a serious problem in kids cartoons at times). My favorite is Applejack. She's not only cool and responsible she's fun to listen to and I think has the most compelling and interesting personal story. She's trying to run her family's farm and be a good business woman while trying to enjoy life and have time with friends. She worries about good manners because of her concerns of being a bumpkin. Its just interesting. Least favorite is Pinkie Pie (aka deus ex machina or Kooky Spice) more because she's i think difficult to write and latch onto. She's great for random events and humor though so I still like her.

So yeah I'm a Brony... now i need a MLP art of myself as Cogzie and my cutie mark would be fresh baked bread.


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Brony hoof bump!

Oh man... I was trying to avoid this show, but Buddy and Zip kind of infected me with it. Ironically, I think Pinkie is kind of my favorite. She's wonderfully random, with hilarious moments of idiot-savant sprinkled in.

Fun to think about. My mark would probably be something like a pencil and a watercolor brush crossing.

pencil and watercolor brush at crossed swords :D

I didn't know the show existed until they started talking about it on Knotcast recently... why would you try and avoid it?

*hoof bumps back*

would the spotty kitty's cutie mark be a printing press?

For the same reason I tried to avoid Harry Potter at first. It was so overwhelmingly popular that, to an outsider, it seemed silly. I didn't really feel like getting caught up in the 'mania'.
...and then my Freshman english teacher in high school assigned us the first book and I was hooked. More or less the same thing happened with MLP. :P

As for Cheetah, well, he doesn't really care either which way for the new series. Though that would be an adorable mark for him...

I can see that. Sometimes popular things can befog afterall and sometimes its just annoying how some things are popular (see: Jersey Shore, Glee)

Yeah that's fair it just amuses me heh

(Deleted comment)
The Benny hill chase scene really put it over the top for me. The fact that they're willing to reference old classic comedy like that is awesome.

But applejack is awesome.

I've always thought that My Little Pony had potential that it never really grasped because they always seemed to go for new characters (to sell) than really establishing characters. I do like this series, but I really would have liked to see something in the 1980's style that expanded Firefly's Adventure (you know, with the evil dark centaur lord).

That would have been interesting I guess but honestly this style does grab me and its cute ^.^

Oh I agree, I think it was done by the same person that die the Power Puff Girls, and I just *loved* them! I love this too, but the first movie and 80's art will always have a special place in my heart.

she and her husband created that show as well as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

I think I'm going to just watch a few episodes. I've been holding off, kinda surprised at the way this is exploding. I really don't think anyone was expecting this level of popularity.



*finger hovers over the buy button*

You need new shoes, you know.


They're pretty!


Don't worry? Everyone will know! It's a firestorm, they'll all want a pair too!


What was that?


Nooo, that's not how you do it. Come on, now...you can do it.


Good, good? Come on, now...let it out? You know how to do it.


Just think...'raaaainbooow hoooOOOoooves'!


It's okay. We understand. The Herd is patient.

hahaha woooow that was amusing and yes those do look cute.

I think people didn't expect it yeah but this is what happens when you make a well crafted show. One with developed characters, decent writing, good animation (yes its flash but still) and consistent writing. Also just fun characters. i'm sort of happy it got to this level of excitement.

Watch the first six if you can get past those first four you'll most likely get hooked.

I'd like to also point out the continuity. They've been building up this ballroom dance all season and we'll be seeing that in the finale.

That's right the cartoon has an overarching plot and payoff.

Forever a brony.

Glad to see someone has AJ as their favorite. :3

FOREVER *smiley face*

Well she's cool for having common sense and I like her work ethic. Also cute factor is high and I like apples :D

I think this falls into my self reliant sensible strong women bag of interest see: Buffy, Wonder Woman, Black Canary etc.

... Goddamn ponies are everywhere.



silly face *gives you a cookie*

The herd grows every day :p Bro-hoofs all around! I've already drawn my horse character as one.
I agree with ya on Pinkie Pie, though. Applejack and Fluttershy are always fun to watch.

*brohoofs which are sap free!* hahah can i see the horse character?

it will assuredly be better then my stab at it: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5629663/

yeah Fluttershy has grown on me a bit over time.

I need to find someone who can actually draw this...

yay he is cute!

As I've stated several times before, Friendship is Magic is written by all those older brothers that were forced to WATCH the 80s/90s MLP...which is why it's so damn popular amongst older males.

Well considering according to IMDB only four of the 26 episodes (or 2/13 of the series) were written by men and considering only one female writer worked on the original series... I think your hypothesis might be wrong.

It could be in fact the girls who watched the original got fed up with the poor writing and decided they could do a heck of a lot better... and they were right.

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