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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Bones Season 6 Review
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
I've reviewed Bones a few times now so why not hit this season?

Also I've been really sick the past week with a cold that has drained my energy so I'm doing LJ as its less work then focusing on actually writing...

So Bones Season 6

What a poorly made season. I mean really poorly made. Season 4 and 5 were at least a lot of fun but this just feels weak. The murder mystery aspect (the reason I at least watch) seems to have been sidelined for the character story arcs. Not only that but some of the interesting character bits seem to have been forgotten and replaced with boring cliches.

Now don't get me wrong I enjoy B and even C stories to a show. A good show can make those into fun aspects where you develop the side characters and you learn a bit more about the world and people. A well written script can even use those bits over a season to make good episodes. Bones in the past five seasons really did do that a lot developing the characters and putting an emphasis on some fun subplots inbetween the murder mystery parts.

But here's the thing: these are badly done B plots this season. Part of the fun of Bones was seeing character development in parts but this feels like a boring retread of older plot arcs or it feels like boring bits. Oh hey Hodgens and Montenegro have gotten back together and they're having a baby but oh no the baby might be born deaf due to a rare genetic disorder. Even the interesting bits get bad resolution. The subplots this season have strongly overwhelmed the murder mystery aspects and there are a lot more of them too. Its a B, C and D plot heavy show with talk about

Then there is the Booth and Brennan love story. Apparently Brennan is no longer changing and growing as she did in previous seasons she seems to have returned to her maladjusted season one behavior. The show has also pulled in a cliche I hate. The Long Term Love Interest for Tension: a character who gets a lot of development, seems great for one the characters and gets dropped for arbitrary reasons. Always there to add dramatic tension and has Bones ever offended with this season hard core.

The murder mysteries have not only been sidelined with only two exceptions most of them are also boring this season.

Its cliche, its pat, its over wrought and its getting boring. At this point I'm watching as something to do while knitting. Unlike Castle which keeps at least tossing out fun murders even while it does the annoying love story as well.

Its not nearly as boring as that by the numbers irritant Body of Proof but Bones has sunk to Numb3rs level trite viewing. You just know there will be another season too.