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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Ironclaw character
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So some friends are trying to run an Ironclaw game and you know I am in.

Well anyway I made a character for it and it turns out no one in the group was the resident healer. So since I've never been the band-aid before I thought I'd give it a whirl. Now I love the ironclaw system its intuitive in character creation and allows a lot of customization (yes combat rules are arcane and difficult no one doubts that) and so I set about making a band-aid... Tuno DeBonte a Cleric skunk

As a side note ranks are made by dice size d4 to d6 to d8 to d10 to d12 and then d12+d4 and so on. A standard character rarely goes above d12 without extensive expense in points.

Now keep in mind this is not set in Calabria so I couldn't be exact but I picture Tuno coming from Aviordupois lands. His family were successful farmers. Not rich and well educated but solid and dependable and that counts for a lot in the Avoirdupois Demnse. They were faithful to the church of S'Allumer as well and Tuno remembers comfortable pleasant times before he found his faith at the church. Tuno does not like to talk about the plague that hit the region and hit the mustelide population especially hard. Tuno lost most of his large family while he was very young.

A kindly Friar, Benedict, took Tuno in to care for him while until what to do with the boy was sorted out. Tuno ended up being useful to the small abbey that cared for the community. After some time in the abbey Tuno begged to be educated as a part of the church and to join. It took many more months of work, after all he was just a farmer's boy, but Tuno did every task and hardship set forward by the friar with little complaint.

Tuno is now an adult and fully trained cleric. He has now been set with a duty as a wandering healer and proselytizer of S'Allumer.

Now of course out of character we know that Tuno obviously latched onto the only stability in the abbey. He also does not mention that his real interest in joining the church was out of fear. Fear of the disease and pain that robbed him of his parents and siblings. Tuno is obsessed with conquering death and disease and sees the miracles of the church as a way to do this. He's rather focused and single minded on learning healing magics and has had to be forced by his teachers to learn some of the other miracles.

Name: Tuno DeBonte
Species: Skunk (Rank d6)
Sense: Smell
Habitat: Forest
Career: Cleric (Rank d10)

Body d8
Speed d8
Will d12 (Tuno has a spine of iron its how he got his way into the church that and his pious nature)
Mind d4 (okay my belief is that low mind rating doesn't mean you're stupid it just means you're not as good at lateral thinking or cooking up amazing plans... Tuno has a very simplistic world view and doesn't care about having it challenged he lacks introspection)

Hospitality (2), Claws (1), Teeth (1), Spray (3) [he's a skunk... soooo yeah], Ne Vile Fano (1) [a piety that helps him resist influences or disruptions its part of his guileless nature I'm thinking he's moving towards developing a Charism]

Naive(1), Honorable (4) [yeah I'm going to be THAT character], Single Minded (2) [that focus and fear of defeating disease and pain], Pacifist (3) [part of his church ordination and his commandment to travel implies he must only defend himself]

Digging d6 (Racial)
Dodge d6 (church training before he left, Benedict insisted)
First Aid d8 (his focus and church training magic can only go so far)
Herbalism [Healing Herbs] d4
Literacy [Theological texts] d10 (career)
Medicine d6
Meditation d10 (Career)
Staff d4 (Benedict again)
Stealth d6 (Racial)
Theology d10 (Career)
Tracking d6 (Racial)

Spells: Being an adept in a spell makes a spell easier to cast and use)
Cure 1 (Adept)- removing all disease and afflictions upon a person this is obviously right in tuno's court and he obsessively focused on it (5)
Healing 1 (Adept)- healing wounds is just what a cleric is there for. (3)
Life's Whisper- Help someone resist dying bringing them back from the brink, helpful but Tuno didn't focus on it as much as he could have... he's close to Adept with it. (1)
Flesh Ward 1- giving someone extra health points its nice but tuno would prefer people not go into conflict or waste his valuable healing powers on this thuggery. there is worse evil to deal with, such as leprosy. (1)
Circle of Protection (Adept)- Tuno didn't see much of a use in this. He'd prefer to just avoid a needless conflict but Benedict insisted he become an adept in this before leaving and so Tuno studied hard. (2)

Magic Points: 22
Ht: 13 hands
Size&Wt: 7 stone
Dash 8
Stride 2
Lift Bonus 3

Equipment: Staff, Cloak, Belt, Vestments, Silver sign of S'Allumer, Testament of S'Allumer, rope, torch, good incense for meditation, wooden fork, fire kit, travel grub.

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Mmm...always wanted to play in an Ironclaw game. The issue always came about finding people to play it. >.>

Ooh, interesting character! There is someone in this world you should meet... :D

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