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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Captain America is probably one of my favorite Marvel heroes


The new trailer is just awesome. I will be seeing this movie in theaters.

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I'll pass on the trailer, thanks, since I don't care to get my hopes up for anything these days, especially a Marvel movie. Better to go in with little or no expectations.

That having been said: Captain America better not have an international support team outside of the WWII scenes; I'm looking at you, GI Joe. Fuck the international market in its turned up nose.

I think this is in the same class as the Iron Man movie personally. A tighter script control and better direction but hey we'll see.

Oh come on Captain America does more team ups then any other solo hero I know and he has plenty of international allies he's worked with as equals and compatriots. Besides the Doctor who made the supersolider serum was not american obviously he'd have a staff of people from outside the USA who would support Rogers.

As for GI Joe. eh not my thing I always found the cartoon boring so I was never going to see the movie.

Yes, I know the Doctor was not American- that's why I said "outside of the WWII scenes." But it looks like in the current Marvel movie continuity, it was Stark Industries that made the serum, or at least the containment unit (see Incredible Hulk).

Should give it a chance, and the comic was always better than the cartoon. It was actually written by a Vietnam Vet who, IIRC, has "seen the elephant."

They name drop in the trailer with Stark but the lead scientist still has an accent and Captain America has a female sidekick with a slight french lilt to her voice. Much of this movie looks set in WWII.

Eh I gave the comic and the cartoon a few watches and reads at people's recommendations. I just found it boring. I was more of a Jem and the Holigrams fan at the time. I suspect nostalgia has a nice patina over GIJoe as well.

Since you mention it, I have to give Jem credit for bringing up the Vietnam War, since I can't recall the GI Joe cartoon ever referencing it directly.

the Vietnam war remains a complicated and difficult conflict to talk about in the USA.

Jem just tended to talk about a lot of things in between his soap opera plots and awesome song and dance numbers.

If only one could beef up as fast as the Cap'n~ :x

yes but you'd prefer to pudge up :D

We do not speak the Liefeld's name here! anathema!

Well, good thing I didn't go for the one with the TINY censor bar. :D

I think I'm going to wait for the parody movie, "Capt'n 'merica", to come out.

Or the furry version: Captain Murrica

...well...yeah. But the furry version doesn't have him wearing a Nascar hat and driving an old, rusty pick-up truck.

oh dear I'm not sure I wanted that mental image in my head.

You're welcome, fluff. :P

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