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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Ruben-esque Supercriminal
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Bertha Bang
Real Name: Barbara Brazen
Aliases: Bertha Bangshot, Denise Daring, Darla Darling
Species: Koala
Motive: Show all the boys how it is done.
Preferred Loot: Eye catching or news worthy heists
Training: Barbara was raised by a demolitions expert and former member of the Australian military. He wanted a son but got a dumpy daughter. She still got him to train her over time and she’s supplemented that from years of work on film sets and in other areas as a stunt woman as well as a special effects expert.
Arch-Enemy if Any: Melbourne Marvel
Three Words: Methodical, Substantial, Daring
Powers: Bertha is a preternaturally experienced boxer and a master of all explosives. All types of explosive weapons obey her and explode perfectly. Timing always works and she knows how to make charges nonlethal and create knockout gas bombs. Bertha isn’t married to her explosives she can use any tool she wants for a heist and that flexibility makes sure she can get away with it. She’s an excellent planner.
Analog if Any: Catwoman with explosives and Etta Candy for body type
Notes: Bertha Bang got fed up with sexist attitudes from directors and special effects nerds. In her daring premier heist she embarrassed them all and destroyed a set while making a scene of explosives that has become a cult favorite on the internet. It was too much fun to stop.

okay so honestly this character I want to use badly. In my mind she's sort of the Catwoman to Batman as Bertha Bang is to Melbourne Marvel for stories. I just wanted to share her after that discussion about costumes a few weeks ago.

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From what I've read of Melbourne Marvel, seeing these two confront each other should be fun ;-)

She sounds like fun. I really prefer criminals to villains, especially ones that like humiliating heroes instead of killing them. It makes the stories a lot more light-hearted and fun, at least for me.

I don't recall much on the Melbourne Marvel, I'm sorry to say, but if he's actually more like Batman, then this would be really fun.

I agree I enjoy those stories just a little bit more.

Melbourne Marvel is a far less annoying Peter Petrelli of Heroes season 1.

Yeah, there was something called "Leave it to Chance" - a comic involving a young girl, her pet dragon, and her magician father. James Robinson, creator of the series, had written that some comics he saw made real life more enjoyable than comics because the characters had become too dark and gritty.

Ah, okay. That must make things...interesting...

Let me better describe MM as I understood him:
Take Peter Petrelli in Heroes season 1. Remove all emo and most insecurities. Replace by naïveté and wide-eyed idealism. Shake well and serve.

Ah! Hehehe! That sounds like lots of fun! :-)

You sir are delightful thank you for that :)

interesting... this could end so badly...

I like her concept. The stunt and special effects connection, especially with pyro and special make-up effects, is very plausible. For example, Tom Savini and protege Greg Nicotero both do stunts in and out of make-up in addition to creating it.

When / where did you write about Melbourne Marvel?

He's in a story I am backburnering for a while so he's not really out yet. dar_han has read that story as he's been acting as a beta reader and helpful person in general.

Glad you like Bang's concept.

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