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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Short story post up
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Duty to Country an El Gato Cibernetico story is up:


Obviously still a rough draft but I'd love people's thoughts on my Mexican superhero

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I'm guessing by the black beret in his pic by Leo Magna that he is supposed to have come from the GAFE (Mexican Army Special Forces)?

I can neither confirm nor deny that information as neither a_husky or I are expert enough on military uniforms and I was more interested in his design of El Gato's armor.

... Mexico has special forces?


they might be stretched a little thin right now... just saying.

... I live here.


Yes I know you live in Mexico and yes good point that you're not seeing them.

That's not exactly what I meant.

I meant that I really didn't know that such a team existed. They're not mentioned in the news, or anywhere else. The news are focused on other organizations like AFI... and all sorts of "task forces" mentioned, if any, are theirs.

If they were trying to keep them a secret, then they were successful.

Gruepo Aeromovil de Fuerzas Especial was formed in the mid 80s under a different name to handle security for the World Cup when it was hosted by Mexico. In the mid 90s they fought against the Zapatistas. Within it there is a black-ops / counter-terrorism unit, the High Command GAFE, that is somewhat analogous to the US Army's Delta.

Unfortunately, GAFE also produced the core of the original members of Los Zetas.

And Zia, appropriate to your story, their motto is supposedly "Everything for Mexico."

Question: did you like the story?

(Deleted comment)
Awesome ^.^ thank you I'm doing a number of tweaks already to it but I appreciate that a lot.

One thing: you mentioned specifically that Vargas had a revolver. Current issue Mexican Army sidearms are all semi-automatic pistols. Does he have a Pancho Villa or Patton fixation, or is he just overcompensating with a Magnum of some kind?

Vargas just happens to love a lot of power in his guns and has a preference for stuff that can blow holes into people. So oddly enough yes that was an on purpose choice to fit the character. Good spotting.

Just thought of something else: EGC is a soldier rather than a law enforcement officer. Mexico frequently uses their army to fight the cartels, and they definitely do not have the same rules of engagement as the police. EGC does a lot of tranq-ing for a soldier against heavily armed men in a hostage situation. You can never be sure how long it will take a drug to affect an individual, especially when using a single, standardized dose as in a magazine of pre-configured tranq darts, even if your targets are all of the same species and body mass. If it takes too long to take effect, the target is still a threat to both the officer and the hostage. It might be truer to character if EGC uses lethal force in that situation instead.

Deus ex Machina answer: Super Science made tranquilizer darts :D

More in world answer: I see your point but with so many nonlethal superheroes around I suspect A) Mexico does not want to make its neighbors antsy with a lethal superhero under their command B) don't want to risk world governments looking more closely at their programs that created him (Laberinto for instance) and/or C) Don't want to have superheroes getting a bad idea or feeling the need to intervene

No offense to anyone from Mexico, but thanks to the cartels, insane amounts of deadly violence there has become so ingrained into everyone's impression of it, that in a world where where Mexico is a first world country and has that much technology, I still don't think most people would bat an eyelash unless EGC started eating babies for fuel. Especially if it keeps the problem elements from crossing their border.

Still, though, if you want to go non-lethal or less-lethal I think you should definitely reconsider the tranq darts. There's a reason they are used for animal control and not people control. Other concerns in addition to those listed above are the chances of using it on people who are already intoxicated with something or legitimately ingesting medication that will react violently with the tranq.

Possible alternatives: rubber bullets or flexible baton (aka "beanbag") rounds; the operator can potentially use these for lethal force when necessary, with proper aim. Or for a more high tech choice, electroshock rounds. TASER International came out with the latter in 2007 for 12 gauge shotguns that delivers a 20-second incapacitating shock. In a super-science world I'm sure they could make it even smaller.


Hmm you make some very good points there about different types of ammunition ^.^ thanks

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