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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Lottery winning
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So I saw this bopping around a bit on LJ and I saw the Castle episode last week and so I figured I'd do my usual what would I do with the winnings post.

Lets just post the caveat that the lottery rarely if ever pays off. I mean I doubt i'd ever win. the only reason to play in my opinion is to give some extra cash to schools and other programs I support. Even then don't do it because I frankly don't want to put my discretionary income into that. Lets also understand that most lottery winners are unhappy after a while according to a few psychological studies (we can argue about why) but I'd say its the "I did not really earn this so what does it mean" paradigm.

Also lets set a number here what sort of winnings in the lottery? $500? $5,000? $5Million? I was talking to my brother and he felt i was shooting too low with my estimate of 2million for this exercise so... lets say 50 Million dollars.

First step 'd take is hiring a financial planner and an accountant to help me out here. Paging kylet and confusedoo? and pay them to help me sort it all out and figure out what goes where tax wise and how to accomplish my goals. Make sure all taxes are paid and my contracts handled.

then begins the spending:

First I'd pay off all of my parent's loans on their home, the car, anything else. Everything. So they can live debt free for a bit. They are not under crushing debt but being debt free is a nice thing. Especially after everything they've done for me. Then I'd see how much money it would cost to send them both first class to Europe for a few months. My mom's dream trip is to Italy to travel, see the sights and learn to cook there. So at least a month in Italy maybe a month in France and some time in England and a cruise in Norway they've been wanting to do.

Then comes the siblings and cousins. I'm close to my cousins and I consider them brothers and sisters who do not live in the same house. They deserve some of this money just on general principal. Counting them and my bro and sis that is around Twelve people. Some are still young so money for school makes sense. Others might need a home or some extra cash and hey its 12 people so... 12 million for that? But use it to buy bonds that will accrue interest so they'll have more if they're patient. My brother has told me he'd use that money to get some land and build that cabin with his own two hands like he's dreamed of doing. Also a dog. Sister would use it for her academic work, if I won today this would be a windfall for her thesis paper work. Cousin James and Michael are still under 13 so bonds to their parents for school so they're set there. Maybe some extra money, outside of the million, on the side for Andrew and Christopher for the inevitable costly medical expenses for their football playing maybe create a slush fun investment to help with any medical costs incurred for all the cousins and put about another 2 million in that? Katie gets a home and her student debt paid off. Holly and David get some nice school payments among other things. So on and so forth. I suppose it would have to be evenly distributed so no one gets angry or accuses me of favoritism. I suppose they'd each spend such money as their own interests dictated though ideally not until they were adults and ready to make such choices. Knowing their parents, who are all responsible, maybe I should just let them worry about that with some legal leg work to make absolutely sure all the t's are crossed.

And there arises the problem. Cousin Abbey. She has barely if ever been in my life. Frankly her family avoids mine and they've made it clear they hate my mother. She's barely been in my life and I know she has a daughter but I've never seen her and she's never made an ounce of an effort to meet or say hello to me. I'd say her daughter could get the million. I don't want to start trouble but it seems so wasteful. Still I do not want to cause further bad blood so money to her.

After that see if any of the aunts and uncles need some extra cash for debts. Aunt Nora gets a sensible stipend so she can do whatever she wants with the rest of her life. Go out to shows eat good food. Whatever she wants I think we'd all agree after my parents she deserves a lot for all she'd done not just for me but all of the family. The rest of the aunts and uncles I'll see after the pay off to their kids. Probably debt pay off for now.

Grandparents, counting all people I consider Grandparents which includes non blood relatives, so around eight elderly people and also Uncle John and Aunt Mary get funds for any further outstanding debts and some help with any other medical costs so they can be comfy and do whatever.

So I'll assume I'll have some money after all of that. I'd like to see some set aside into my own investments so I can live comfortably in retirement and old age. Spread that around into a couple of different investment corners.

Then I suppose I'd see what it looks like when done and do a little spending. Buy my Amazon wish list I suppose. See if I could find a few non profits and charities to give some cash, ACLU gets at least a little. Some to the National Parks and Forests. Then see about getting my own place somewhere. Investments in some different businesses. Be a super sponsor for Furry Fiesta.

Maybe see if I can go a few years in my own little place and do some writing for a bit. Set some money aside for commissions of furry writers and artists I'd like some stuff from. Maybe see about my projects to get short stories written in my superhero world and some added art.

Maybe see about going back to school for another degree. Maybe.

Primary goal would be to find a job to fit my career in the end because I'd like a full time job for a bit. Added income is nice just in case and besides it is what I'd like to do.

So that would be my general plan. I've spent too much time on this heh :)

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(Deleted comment)
I suspect for most of my above plans I'd need to take a lump sum but perhaps there is an accounting trick to handle that.

Hmm, I suppose I'd rather have the steady income than having it all at once, but I agree a financial adviser would be a prudent decision.

On the lighter side, I'd like to pay off all loans we owe (my own and my family's) except for the student loans we're not terribly bad off, but it would be an immense relief not to have to worry about them.

I'd make sure my grandfather was well taken care of, then look for a house my family could live in comfortably. Some bonds for my aunt, uncle and cousins and probably money for a few other relatives who are close to us.

After that I'd want to make sure that something would be established for my eventual old age, and it'd be nice not to have to worry as much about income. I'd love to find a job teaching somewhere, though.

If there were money enough I'd like to buy nice things for my friends and maybe spend some time visiting other states. If I could visit any other countries, England and Canada would be the ones.

Other things? Well get a nice car. Maybe 2009 or so. Something with good miles per gallon or, better, hybrid technology. Not sure what else, though. I don't have many wishes except to live comfortably and happily.

Seems like reasonable choices to me :D

Lump sum. I can earn more (literally and figuratively) choosing where to re-invest.

Pay off immediate family's debt, buy a decent house whose property taxes could be paid sans winnings, and then re-invest in happiness bit by bit. I'm boring. :

Also, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever let anyone find out you win.

A bit hard to explain to my family where all the millions I'm giving them came from though... but yeah i agree.

Yeah I'd be bad at investment myself but with that kind of money I'd hire an expert or two and try to invest diversely.

No no that is exactly what I'd do its not boring I think its reasonable.

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