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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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(no subject)
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Massive subject change from real life issues here but:

I've been a bad scifi nerd. I haven't watched any of Fringe since the first three episodes and I haven't seen any of the remake of V. Neither have really grabbed me you know? Caprica I didn't watch either
same with SG Universe.

I have been watching and enjoying Being Human but I think that falls into the supernatural subset... oh wait I haven't watched Supernatural much either...

Wonder if that ruins my geek cred?

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*revokes your license to geek*

(Deleted comment)
I kind of liked the original V i liked the treatment of the human Resistance as an allegory for the french resistance even if the real french resistance were made up of students and radicalized leftists.

Unlike Cargo, I love Fringe... But I can admit that the first half of the first season is EXTREMELY tedious. It is a show where you needa watch it all, but the beginning is slow...

I'll freely admit most of stargate SG-1 seasons 1 and 2 stank to an awful degree. so i migh retry fringe in the future.

Fringe was trying to be another X-Files until the threat of cancellation was eminent, then it grew into it's own... Another Swiss cheese JJ Abrams story.

And yet it's still one of the few shows I still watch. :x

yeah that's another off putting thing in general i'm never satisfied with JJ Abrams. but they're hard to stop watching even though the endings are never good.

I'm pretty much the same way lately, but I'm writing research papers so I think I'm still geeky enough. I think as long as you're attending conventions where presumed sane people dress up like animals, you're still sufficiently geeky. :)

Caprica seemed sort of tangential Sci-fi, and somewhat boring. The rest I've not seen, except for Being Human. Liked the British one quite a bit. Still undecided about the American one, mostly based on the actors used, but I'm 2 episodes behind.

Fringe... I saw two, maybe three episodes. Sort of interesting, but I've not been strongly motivated to watch either.

point on the papers ^.^

I kind of like the idea of using a scifi setting to explore human relationships and interactions. Focus on the personal in the setting but I couldn't get into the prequel action you know...

I think the British version is better myself heh.

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