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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Indicitive Line
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So I was rereading Jim Krueger and Alex Ross's epic JUSTICE and I came across a line that I feel encapsulates Stratagem's philosophy and ideals at his core.

Said in the words of the big red cheese himself Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel to the arch foe Black Adam who has been drained of his power by Parasite: "No, Adam. I don't want to see [b]Anyone[/b] like this. I hate to see Anyone twisted by hate. Or given form and limitation by want. You could have been a great man."

Black Adam in the comics in part defines himself by his power and the fear he brings to others. He's an anti-hero and a villain... and at his core with all the power he is petty and afraid and Billy "Captain Marvel" Batson nails it.

and for me the idea of a hero who believes totally and utterly in the idea that hate, fear, or want could limit someone even when given the power of gods speaks to me. At least it speaks to me of who Stratagem is at his core. He doesn't see raw power he sees what a person does with that power and its effects on others. He sees a larger picture. He sees it and he wants to liberate people and given them the options and freedom to choose... which is what to my mind makes him cool.