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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Zia McCorgi by Cooner
I have an in person job interview. Set up for the 25th of January... in Washington DC... for a job I am perfect for at one of the finest universities in the country... is this actually happening?


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Best of luck to you! I hope you get it.

An in-persob interview is a good sign.

First one I've had in over two years

(Deleted comment)
THANKS!!! *glees and hugs* I appreciate it!

WOOOO! Good luck! We will be excited to see you when you are out here for the interview and even more thrilled if you get the job!

Good luck! We'll all be cheering you on =)

Go get 'em! *webbed fingers crossed*

(and if you do, I'll be out there in April for this scientific conference... :) )

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