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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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so yesterday I had a job interview. Its at an actual library for a real full time job. It has benefits and the pay is nearly triple what I make now.

I'm not sure how it went it asked a lot of questions about experience being a team player. Some of the people seemed almost disdainful. It was mainly the Faculty Librarians who seemed a bit put off that someone with an MLIS was okay with a Staff position. A jobs a job. Others pleasant and sunny my supervisor if I got the job seemed very nice. I tried to be up beat. It was two and a half hours of being the center of attention and I left zonked.

The job's hours are a bit difficult I expect a bit more variety and to work some weekeneds. Instead it is a firm 12 noon to 9PM job Sunday through Thursday [so game night which I look forward to every week will be out]. With little chance for negotiating different hours.

So I'm a morning person on a night job and I'll probably miss out on RainFurrest which I was looking forward to. Still... its a foot in the door doing real library work. Being a reference librarian doing circulation, shelving all of it. In an area I specialized in, law and to a lesser extent government documents. Also knowing UNM as I do I have to keep my current part time job and attempt to work in that until the probation period is over just in case. 60 hrs a week of work is... less fun. It also means i expect to be so wiped creatively that I won't be able to do any writing. :( But its in Albuquerque where I want to be right now. But advacemnet in this job is unlikely. No professional development help except maybe tuition remission.

I'll take it if offered to me, i'll find out in the next two weeks, but its going to be a long one. I should feel excited about this. Right now I'm just dreading the huge pile or work. Does that all make sense? Well I doubt much better will come along and I need to just move up in things and do what I set out to do after college and be a librarian.

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Congrats on the interview! It's a good indication that they're interested in hiring. Hope you get the job.

Very cool. Hope you get the job. Sorry about the schedule and missing RainFurrest, but seems worth it.

As you stated, a job is a job (especially in this economy.) You have to start somewhere and this is probably a good a place as any. Hope you get it!

From one librarian to another (who also has the night shift :p )... good luck! Dreading the work is understandable; I hope things aren't as bad as they sound.


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