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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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(no subject)
TKDye Smarty Pants
Theoretical not actually worked on it yet possible plans for an anthology instead of my original sequel plan. Yes you've all convinced me.

So here is a possibel spoiler for those who read my LJ. Title of short story and what major character it revolves around:

Tales of the Extraordinary

Mark the Calendar- Solarcoon
Late- Force Vixen
Patrol Car 23- Stratagem
Night on the Town- Ms. Q
Duty to Country- El Gato Cibernetico
Lies, Damn Lies and Agatha Conway- Lady Leopard
Counteroffer- Blitzkrieg
Fun and Games- Metalyena
Daily Planner- Camo

Star, Glacier and Titan will get stories but they're still in the planning stages. any questions? thoughts? opinions?

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(Deleted comment)
Rigger was going to be one of the major characters in the proposed Secret Identities (aka the sequel) but for now... well you'll have to see.

(Deleted comment)
He's one of my favorite characters period. Don't worry he'll appear eventually.

[as a side note you might find him in one of these stories just not the headliner... just saying.]

Yay for more stories of the extraordinary^^

cybernetic. as in...cyborg?


yeaaaah a friend suggested the name and I liked it soooooo there we go.

He's a Mexican lynx who is a state sponsored superhero. Essentially a cyborg/iron man type. Superhero protector of Mexico City and Mexico. National Icon. Loved throughout two continents for vigilant service. Lost part of his body in a deadly explosion during a drug raid... has been rebuilt thanks to government sponsored super scientists. Supposed to be The Cyborg Cat but.... yeah

let's see, with the exchange rate, that means they put him together for....... $37.50? o______0

some variance in currency rates will occur between alternate dimensions.


Anthologies are gud.

It affects it in that I still want that... the above is a plan of short stories I will do but I'd like to get other writers to do some for me... and really that short story collection could be released at around the same time or after the second book or before the second book and I'd still love to do it. If you're still in why don't I send you the updated world bible and we can discuss it a bit more. I'm still looking for other writers.

As long as you've got the history worked out and share it with others it should be okay. If I were to add to the anthology I would end up addressing the issue of non-anthro animals, simply because it's something most furry authors do not seem to address (also because I can somehow just see Strategem having a cat).

Another question is whether there are non-mammal anthros running around. So far all the supers have been mammals of some type, but do others also exist? And what about marsupials and monotremes?

These are stories I am planning on writing. A multi author anthology comes later I hope.

As for marsupials and monotremes yes they do exist, yes they do have powers. No I'm not covering that right now. Maybe some other time. No reptiles or avian anthropomorphic animals however. The only one close to that would be Mishmash who has absorbed that DNA.

As for the rest: as I told you before I'm opposed to even touching the other questions in these particular books. It further complicates an already complicated situation. I mean you might as well ask the same point or write about that in the worlds of Volle, New Tibet, Thousand Leaves or Out of Position. Its not addressed because no one wants to further complicate the situation or get into it as it doesn't help further the story. Or at least it wouldn't help me further the story I want to tell. If someone did say touch it with a story set in my world I'd have to disavow it completely.

Appologies, I came away from the conversation thinking you more reluctant to touch the subject yourself than totally against the idea of non-anthros because you said you were "leaving it up to the reader's imagination".

I figured if one of the readers became a writer for an anthology then the reader's imagination on the topic could address a topic you did not want to. I see I was mistaken.


I'm not against the idea in upon itself but I am against addressing it in this particular world. I'd just prefer it be left to the devices of the readers to figure that out.

Just a remark - the issue of non-anthropomorphic animals did come up in the fiction I've been writing... It's a bit hard to evade when the vast majority of non-city folks are cattle-herders, see, so I was trying to see how to tackle it.
On the other side, you did mention an osso-bucco in the story, so that might implicitly confirm the existence of non-anthro cattle.

I tried to be vague with the terms a bit but good point. I suppose my wishy washy answer is what they call osso-buco might not be what we call osso-buco but fair enough I'd need to look at the story before slamming it so valid point. But I'd probably want to avoid say a story focused solely on that.

It wasn't supposed to be a central issue, but the story calls for a foray into the rural areas of the country, areas where much more people here are cattle-herders than there are agricultors. I can probably keep the mentions vague though, since mentioning the rural lifestyle is a device, not a plot point.

right. look dont let me stifle your creativity okay *nuzzles* lets see what the end result looks like.

I recognize all the names (naturally) except Ms Q ^ ^;; I'm particularly intrigued by the title of Lady Leopard's XD

You remember El Gato Cibernetico?

Ms. Q is a supercriminal fennec who makes weird inventions mainly rods that make force fields and let her fly. Costume involves evening dresses, cocktail outfits and not very sensible shoes.

Tee hee oh I hope I can make it work for you heh.

I definitely remember El Gato mentioned, just not sure where. May have been in the unofficial planning areas. o.0

That could be it or maybe you just like the thought of guys in robotic armor walking around with intricate metal plates and such. *cough*headmasters*cough

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