ZiaMcCorgi555 (ziabandito555) wrote,

So FurPlanet is doing its usual Schlep to conventions. Unfortunately they ran into serious car trouble that wasted hours and a lot of money. Its a real shame and they've done a lot for me.

So if anyone reading this is going to FWA for every copy of Save the Day or ROAR 2 you buy I'll be giving a donation to help defray the costs for repairs and to help absorb the blow so this convention is successful.

This is obviously not my idea the wise kyellgold, khakidoggy, and graveyardgreg are doing it too. Buy any of their stuff and you're helping the company.

Not only are you helping a great company that supplies a lot of great stuff to the fandom. You're also getting some good books and materials to read. So if you've been holding off for some reason or you want to buy anything now is the time.
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