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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Normal People
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So my brother decided to talk to me about the thermostat today.

You see the house we share right now is a great house and part of the joy is that it has two different thermostats so the house can be different temperatures. The house can be sectioned off you see to contain different levels of hot and cold. This is a good thing. Now I have this thing. I like to turn the thermostat down while I go to sleep in bed. I like putting layers of blankets on the bed and I have an electric blanket too.

I realize not everyone does this but my parents did it too (part of the fun of having separate thermostats in the house their section was always a different temperature) as does my Grandma and most of my aunts. Its part comfort and partly their argument that it saves money on gas and heating bills. I find the later specious (do you really save that much money doing that as opposed to the inevitable costs of heating the house back up?), but again I find it comfortable.

I recognize not everyone does this or enjoys this way of sleeping I'm positive this will not be the way I'll live most of my life depending on who I date or live with, that said it isn't exactly uncommon either.

Now I understand that when guests come to the house and have to sleep over they need to sleep in my part of the house. So I'm willing to agree to having the thermostat higher for those cases, granted its a habit so sometimes I'll forget too so its reasonable to talk about it before guests come.

Still when one starts a conversation with "Normal people don't do that." or "Normal people keep the house at a minimum of 68 degrees" I find that a little annoying and offensive. Maybe I'm being oversensitive but it seems wrong to couch your argument in those terms. It seemed like he was accusing me of being abnormal and out of step on my heating choices. Further because he's known me most of my life it felt like the sort of statement to dredge up my old insecurities form when I was younger and my fears about being alone and having no friends to make his argument. Again I might be oversensitive.

I realize this is a silly thing to write about but it annoyed me. Further he kept on that point for a while instead of negotiating or ending the conversation. So there is that.

Also is it wrong that he brings up two people are coming over to watch the football game and all and then mention just as a whole crowd comes that it will be 20? I suspect the group was sort of unplanned but I'm in a mood to complain.