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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Era of Peace
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
The thing many of us forget in the age of the 24 hour news cycle where the phrase "if it bleeds it leads" seems to be a dogma and historical perspective is lost is that by any measurement we live in one of the most peaceful eras in human history. In the USA violent crimes and sexual crimes have been dropping every year and are at the lowest point since the FBI started measuring them (back in the era when lynching wasn't exactly punished). We are at one of the most peaceful eras as well. There are fewer wars, fewer riots and fewer dictatorships then at any point in recorded history.

Are there problems? Yes, clearly there are violent groups, terrorists, psychopaths, government agents willing to abuse their power, corporate agents seeking short term profit on the back of long term pain, tensions all over the world. No one could claim there isn't a great deal of work to be done. Justice remains a commodity in short supply, respect is hard to garner, and equality for all people is a concept we must constantly struggle with.

However, in any objective perspective humanity has done a lot to improve where it was and no one group can truly take credit. We have all played a part in creating and sustaining a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world. I think back to the famous Kennedy speech when Kennedy took the nomination of the Democratic Party in 1960. The New Frontier speech as it has been called where he talked about a new land of undiscovered potential, thought, and innovation. He called for the young at heart regardless of age to be pioneers on that new frontier and despite the tragedies, the calamities, the pain, the foolishness and everything else since that speech to me it speaks to the higher goals. We are moving forward and I believe there is every chance that this new frontier will continue to inspire us towards greater opportunities.

On Hurricane Sandy
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Hurricane Sandy was probably one of the worst storms in my living memory and in recent history to strike the North East Coast.

Normally late season hurricanes swing out into the Atlantic or hit the mid Atlantic states. This also merged with a terrible winter storm.

Sandy also struck at the worst time. During a high tide. Under a full moon. Sandy had developed a massive storm surge as well. This caused flooding that exceeded the city of New York's expectations. It flooded a key form of infrastructure that is highly vulnerable to salt water: the subway system.

It has decimated Atlantic City and destroyed infrastructure in New york and New Jersey as well as flooded parts of Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. It dumped snow and cut power in Ohio and West Virginia.

By every account Staten Island had it the worst. The sometimes insular island with only one major bridge The Verizano which was damaged in the hurricane and unreachable on either side due to flooding and wind damage locking it off, and a few minor connections from ferries and other smaller bridges, was terrible damaged and a lot of people did need heed the evacuation. The majority of the deaths in New York state were on Staten island which rescue workers and others had trouble reaching due to its hard to reach state.

It was a terrible storm and there is every indication that it will take decades to truly repair the damages. Lives and property were lost on a staggering scale. The reciprocity the states rely upon, the system by which states loan crews of trained people and supplies to each other during a crisis, has been stretched due to the sheer size of states affected. New Mexico and California are sending people to help.

But the states will survive and thrive. New York and New Jersey are rebuilding and in this storm there are stories of tremendous heroism, competency, and skill. To think that if this storm had struck a few decades ago we wouldn't have had the warnings we had that did save lives. Yet still despite the terrors of that storm lives were saved by dedicated men and women working for that goal is a great thing.

We'll be able to rebuild despite the power of this storm. Sandy will not break New York. It will now bow New Jersey. It shall not crack Maryland. The people that form those states are strong and despite how odd this storm was historically this too shall pass.