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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Home Now
For the past week I was in Seattle at a librarian conference. I also visited my parents at their lovely new home. It was very nice. Actually it was great I love rainy weather and on the day i was going to tour the city the sun was out. I saw pike's market and shopped at the Penzy's store. I got to spend time with my parents that for the most part was excellent. I should probably write about the experience but I came home refreshed and bouncy with energy.

It was less fun coming home. First the plane shook fiercely on the landing and I felt like vomiting a few times. i came off the plane feeling ill so my head wasn't in the best space mentally.

Also Momo is on her second shedding spree of the year and leaving clumps of dog puff all over the place.

So my brother was here a week by himself and well... the house was awful to come home to. His first words when I got inside were "We have a lot of cleaning to do" I'll list things in no particular order

First of all the front living room carpet was littered with so much dog hair clumps were forming.
The kitchen was worse with a dog leash stuffed somewhere inexplicably between some baskets.
The sink was full of ants
The butter dish was used but no new butter placed in said dish to thaw or a new dish taken out and this one cleaned
He wasn't sure if the dishes int he dishwasher were clean or dirty.
The soap had been used up in the sink.
The guest room was a mess with mail taken in and dumped on the bed.
the bed had been stripped of sheets and blankets which were piled haphazardly on the floor, unfolded, and other things were on the bed. Greg had a guest staying with him when I left but said guest left the 21st... so his dirty sheets had just stayed on the floor?
There were no groceries such as milk, onions, and juice.
Oh and a bucket of brackish water was standing in one of the rooms.
This morning I discovered:
The yard had all the cushions outside which means they were left out all night to the elements for sap and things to get on them
he had left a package of bratwurst outside for who knows what reasons.
And the washing machine when I opened it had dried moldy smelling clothes in it. Which means that they had been sitting there for at least a day.

That last one sent me over the edge and I admit I was angry when I called brother down to explain this to me. He noted he had left the cushions out to dry over night (and if it rained during the night? also why not bring them into the empty stone floored part of the house) or and someone had pissed on the bed so he had taken the sheets off and was letting it dry after he had put some stuff on it (and the mail was piled up on the bed unsorted why?). anyway it was the usual from him excuse after excuse that he claimed were reasons.

I got progressively angrier until we were yelling a bit.

Anyway the reason he gave for not vacuuming up the dog hair was that she was my dog. Which I suppose is somewhat fair she is my dog. But on the other hand he had the chance to do a lot of other things. The reason he had not sorted the mail is that I had not asked him too. Maybe I'm just to giving with my time but in my book if its a common living area I just clean it up no matter who caused the mess. Especially if that person was away and couldn't keep up with it. Am I wrong for thinking he could have done me the favor of vacuuming it up before I got home? Is it wrong to expect the mail to be sorted? Leaving along the butter dish, its a silly minor quibble and maybe he likes cold butter and I never knew, why didn't he clean the sink when ants got into it? Is it wrong to ask him to move along his laundry?

Anyway he cleaned some of the most egregious bits up after I made a list for him after he told me I was acting like a child for getting angry and telling me, yet again, all my failings (don't pay attention, get angry too quickly, and so on).

He had friends over several times. When I have friends over I pick up the house a bit. I at least clean their messes up if I can.

Is it wrong to think he could have at least said "I'm sorry" without giving me his reasons (excuses)?

Anyway i'm drained and tired after cleaning things up and the argument. I don't have much urge to be creative and I now need to go run groceries again. Paying for his food with my money. Just like I pay for take out or fast food for him.

Not a pleased corgi.