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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Captain America is probably one of my favorite Marvel heroes


The new trailer is just awesome. I will be seeing this movie in theaters.

Handcuffs and Lace a Review
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Handcuffs and Lace by Rechan is a romance/erotica novel from FurPlanet. It is also Rechan's first novel. It clocks in at a svelte 115 pages with one interior illustration.I started this about two weeks ago and finally finished it today. I'd say its a pretty nice character study with some engaging reasonable people with problems I can empathize with. If you're looking for a straight sex novella this one is a good buy.

[Before we go much further a simple disclaimer or two Handcuffs and Lace by Rechan is published by FurPlanet who published my book. I also know Rechan fairly well as he and I have been talking a lot recently. He also gave a glowing review of my novel.]

Vi is a prison guard in a small town in anywhere America. Em is in the area on a business trip. They meet when Em is brought into the clink for solicitation. They meet there and end up having sex after a talk. After Em is out on bail they encounter each other again. The window dressing is different but the premise is your standard story of this sort. Two characters despite different backgrounds and and personalities find themselves drawn to each other despite personal and exterior problems. The story in itself has been repeated in dozens of romantic comedies and books. On the surface it would appear to be only unique in that Handcuffs and Lace by Rechan is a furry novel. Well that and the copious amounts sexual situations.

Here's the thing though Handcuffs and Lace by Rechan might look and sound like your standard romance tale, and it has that, but its just as much a character study of two ordinary people finding an inexplicable attraction and wanting to explore it. They make errors and mistakes, the usual foibles I know I've made myself, and they try to deal with it. Whether through rationalization, incrimination, or empathy for each other. I can't claim the story is amazingly deep and layered. I can say there are some interesting character moments and the story stands on its two feet outside of the standard premise. I think because the two characters are relate-able and they have an interesting interplay the story works surprisingly well.

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Overall I give Handcuffs and Lace by Rechan good marks. You'll probably enjoy it if you get it. The price is low and its a fun little book overall. I'd strongly recommended this to straight and bi reader's looking for a fun quick read of erotica to get this book. Honestly Handcuffs and Lace is a good book and a nice bit of prose. Grab a copy and enjoy the little thrills and the characters. Buy a gift for a straight friend they may enjoy this one a bit.