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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Conventions up in the air
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So now I need to figure out what conventions I am going to but I can't do that until I have my contract and vacation days lined up. Well not really at least.

So I know I want to have a good set of days spent on Thanksgiving my favorite holiday (there are at least three into that one two are travel days).

After that?

Well another factor is the family trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. We love going to rocky and we were talking about an August trip. Now however with the later start date that period (which would be at minimum a 7 day hole for my vacation days) we're talking about May into early June.

Which changes things

So conventions... which always improve my personal book sales... and which I enjoy going to.

FurFright: I've been meaning to go back and its relatively close to DC. I know Furplanet is planning to have a table there. I could easily get a $100 Amtrak ticket, business class as I'll be on it for 7 hours, to Connecticut and get to the convention from the station. I could avoid the annoyance of flying easily or take a plane and spend two to three times that... so I have travel options not counting a road trip with furs. Possibilities. So this one is high on my list and I'd be helping Teiran and fuzz out. Also selling my book at a relatively salescorgi free convention. five vacation days vacation days there.

RainFurrest: I had an amazing time there last year and I'd love to go again. Ghastly travel distance but worth it for the fun. Again a very real help to FurPlanet. No choice but to fly. At the same time I'm very excited at the place and a part of me sort of hopes to have a book out by then and maybe premier it there... five vacation says.

Rocky Mountain Fur Con: I want to go because of the theme, I mean come on its perfect for my book and apparently I'm a comic book nerd, The dates might not work but I want to go becuase of the theme. Timing might not work but it might... I could negotiate the vacation... five days or so by my calculation.

I know I'm going to Furry Fiesta in 2012 but that is about it on my calendar.

FC 2012 is out because of distance and timing. I'd prefer furry Fiesta over FC, no offense to anyone please, and lets face it two vacation slots in two concurrent months does not look right to me. Anthrocon 2011 and 2012 seems highly unlikely and from what i heard of MFF I doubt I'm going there anytime soon.

No I'm not going to San Diego again no money, no will and job is starting then... unlikely to go to any others but again need to fiddle with my vacation days and so on. Thoughts from everyone here.