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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Mubarak steps down
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
There are any number of unknowns still. Any number of questions. Any number of ways this could turn.

But right now. For today. For this moment we have witnessed a change in history and a change brought about largely by the people. We have witnessed something good in my book.

We'll see what will happen in the future if this will become a democracy of peace and reform washing away the corruption, a weak republic bought by the rich corrupt oafs, a military state, a theocracy, a terrorist state, or something else. We will not know for now. But we'll see.

for today though the people have spoken and that is a good thing.

Satyagraha (The Force of Truth)
Zia McCorgi by Cooner

I think the President's words capture my general opinion. Turning off comments.