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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

RainFurrest 2010 and i got over 200 now!
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
so I went to Rain Furrest 2010.

It was a big convention for me. I broke the 200 mark on copies of my book sold which made me go all waggy ^.^

I mean seriously wow and I've had some really good reactions and reviews to it as well. Room for improvement but glee!

So how was the convention? Overall I've never seen a convention embrace its theme so gleeful or use it so well. The uniforms everyone wore were really nice. The 60's computer panels were neat, the use of pictures and other props to evoke the space race were great! I liked the badge themes and the use of space names for locations like The Hanger. The Dealer's Room should have had a hilarious name as well but I can't think of what. The Den did have huge inflated balloons in the shape of the solar system strung up with the con table under the sun. It had a neat effect.

I wished I had packed more pants. Albuquerque is much warmer then Seattle and sadly I forgot how clammy humid days can be in September. So I didn't have all the right clothes. I did have a pull over and my Tom Baker scarf though.

The hotel is in an awful location for food if you lack a car really. Even with a car you need some idea what you're doing and where you're going. Most of my meals were in the hotel which was expensive and kind of boring. I could have used the light rail, I should have used the light rail, but I wasn't adventurous enough and again you need to have an idea where you're going. Often I was tired from dealer's den work and after Saturday a bit dazed since they added an unexpected hour.

I'll say this the RainFurRest crew tried to run a good con but there were several hiccups that I won't get into here. I'll simply say that the convention went off well but it had some flaws. That extra hour was personally draining to me though yes we made some nice sales due to the extra hour.

The Hotel was extremely nice I liked the indoor park and pool. It offered a pleasant place to walk around and hang out. The rooms were gloriously comfortable and very inviting. The beds very soft, the bathrooms very endearing. I think its a nice hotel and I liked the wood accents. The staff was less pleasant. One waitress was particularly rude for no good reason and the snide comments from the bell hops were similarly grating after a few days. Also the lobby music was very annoying and gave me a headache more then once so blah to that.

The usual furry drama sparks. I won't comment much on it. I had some personal drama too. I'll be posting up some haiku about that.

That said it was fun and I saw a lot of good friends. I mean a lot of good friends and I had a really nice time meeting new people. It was very nice meeting the ever gleeful AtariOtter seeing rikoshi, kyellgold, Kit, Graveyardgreg and so on. I had a VERY nice weekend with fuzzwolf. Fuzz is always fun to hang out with of course and he liked my scarf.

What really shocked me were the sales. Not only did my book sell out but most of the FurPlanet stock did as well. Deathless, ROAR 1, Beyond Hallowed Walls, The Curious Quandary of Simon Canopus Artyle, and the Jack comics all sold out very quickly. People were still asking for my book after it sold out several times. There was a lot of support for writing. I understand why it happened but it still was shocking and unplanned.

So anyway it was a good convention. If I am very lucky I'll go back because next year's theme sounds fun and if they embrace it to the same degree they did the space, zombie and flight themes (the other two I heard from anecdotes as being very well done) it will mean the convention is setting itself apart in a unique way from other cons. Also it will be fun.

Well no conventions for me for a while. But good times.

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Zia McCorgi by Cooner
So on Sunday at RainFurrest I decided to write all my tweets in haiku for fun. I am very bad at haiku and often break the 5 7 5 rule by accident. So if people spot a mistake feel free to point it out to me in the comments

Its sad that I couldn't read anyone's comments because my phone can't read twitter except direct messages.

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Albuquerque heat.
The welcome greeting of home.
I missed you too.

Momo at my feet.
She ran to greet, tail wagging.
What a good doggy.