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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Little thought experiment for World Tree
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Baker's Guild Experience (+2) The Baker's guild covers many forms of cooking and baking. From the fried bun seller on any given corner to the high end chef to the local royal family. The official Baker's guild covers most forms of cooking and food preservation. Jellies, jams, cakes, sweet meats, and everything else is in their aegis. In some cities the Hostellers Guild absorbed or has absorbed the Bakers in others they are separate entities. The relative strength of this small guild varies from branch to branch town to town. None are truly powerful. In some cities it is impossible to own a restaurant or bakery without membership in the guild. In others only the wealthiest can afford a member of the guild, with commiserate higher training of course. While in others the guild only serves the middle and lower class. This can offer connections and training but really the guild's biggest offering is in recipes for fine foods and training with masters chefs. You are a dues paying member of the Guild and have five years experience in cooking and food preparation, often under highly capable teachers as the guild's only major selling point is quality, under your belt. Your training gave you experience in Crafts: Cooking (50 exp), Alertness (20 exp.), Search (5 exp.), Bargain (15 exp.), Judge Value (20 exp.), Natural Science (5 exp.) Edged (5 exp.) [all that expert cutting], Corpador (5 exp.), Durador (5 exp), Herbador (10 exp.), Creoc (5 exp.) and Sustenoc (5 exp.). Often the guild allows access to some useful spells so if they have the proper skill they might have picked up any or all of these. They are often free to members who know who to ask: Handful of Salt (Cr Su, Du 10), Fresh Water (Hl Aq 5), Chop the Delicious Veggies (De Hr 5), Fresh Meat ( Su Co, 10), Invisible Pot Holder (Ru Py 5)

Happy Yeast Home ([Cr]Mu He Py Sp 5): A minor cantrip that helps yeast feel highly comfortable as it works in bread. Considered very helpful as the spell will adjust to the Yeast's comfort giving it optimal rise.
Wondrous Lenhirrik's treat (Cr Su Hr 5): creates about P/2 lbs of sugar instantly. This is refined sugar but being magicked up it can be a tad bland.
Refined Gentlemen's Snack (De Co Hr [Du] 5): a spell that refines sugar out of a plant and removes impurities. Wonderful to removing bugs and grit as well as turning sugar cane, honey and beets into pure sugar.
Efforts of Kvarse (Cr Co He 10): Creates P ounces of pure golden honey. Kvarse prefers honey to sugar and so this spell makes very good quality honey.
Cool Preservation (De Py Sp 5): This spell is for preserving creams, custards and other treats and must be cast on a small enclosed display space this cantrip lasts an entire day and is often the first thing a baker casts to ensure the more finiky treats are preserved until purchase. the Spirador monitors and controls the temperature to better ensure the cakes and custards are safe. There are more complicated versions that can make entire rooms refrigerators but their duration is much shorter. Bakers pay handsomely for an enchanted space or item that refrigerates.

The spell Tasty Treat is considered verboten in this guild as a member should have the talent, skills and connections to not need such chicanery. Anyone proven to have used this on their wares is forced out of the guild and harried.