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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

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Zia McCorgi by Cooner
After the fantastical fun of Furry Fiesta 2010 I've revised my convention plans.

Since I work part time with highly flexible hours and I live with my parents my schedule is my own and why not have some fun for a little time before things harden. whats more the Furplanet guys offered me the opportunity to work behind their table at a few conventions and that is just a barrel of laughs!

Yeah it can be expensive but I have a job I am getting an income I have good savings why not travel and have some fun and oh yes push my book? If FurPlanet wants to give me the opportunity that is even better!

so new plans (with travel dates included):

San Diego Comic Con July 21-26: I've never been to a comic book convention before (yeah I know comic book geek who hasn't been there? wuh?) but I hear this is a good one and I've been to San Diego before and loved it so why not? Besides southwest flies there CHEAP!

Rocky Mountain Fur Con August 5-9: This is like right in my neighborhood con and I know people going to it. I've wanted to try it anyway so yeah I'm in.

BuboniconAugust 27-29: This is the big Albuquerque scifi convention. It has a rat as its mascot. I was offered table space to rep Furplanet if you ask me this sounds like a great opportunity and a lot of fun and REALLY cheap as I live in the area!

RainFurrestSeptember 23-27: Hey I've always wanted to take a trip to Seattle this could be a good excuse and I've heard this is a fun one!

FurFright October 28 to November 1st: Wow this was the first convention i was ever at and heck why not go there? It was a really well done and fun time. I'm in!

Further Confusion January 19-25 I enjoyed the last one I went to this is more of a maybe column then anything else. I'm not sure I can go I need to work out transit costs and other details.

Furry Fiesta 2011 I'm in the last two were so much insane amounts of fun I have to go again. I really really have to go again and not miss it!

aaaaand the big one. I know I said I never would but it turns out I can so why not...

Anthrocon.... [lightening bolt] yeah not sure of specific dates. Will be visiting family as well while I am going but... yeah. going to try it this year 9.9

and those are my insane plans... comments? nothing is set in stone if people have views...