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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

Book is now ready to go
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
Save the Day is now available for preorder


or you can pick it up at Furry Fiesta and have me SIGN it. Then you'll get it earlier then March and have it to read on the plane home! Its a fun one to read who doesn't want a book full of furry superheroes?

Vince Suzukawa of ISO and The Class Menagerie fame did the cover art and 12 interior images. Not only did he draw in my book but his EXCELLENT comic ISO will be at the Furplanet table near mine so you can get a ton of Vince in one swoop. You can get ISO Vol. 1 with its new never before seen bonus story at the Furplant table!

See below the cut for cover art and an awesome interior image:
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Let me just assure everyone that Vince did a superb job on them and They're fantastic! FurPlanet really helped me make a high quality product and I hope everyone can get a copy. I doubt you'll be sorry. Actually we're open for preorders and we've already gotten a prime number of copies sold yesterday. A higher than expected prime number so I hope more people will take a look.

Not only will MY book be sold at Furry Fiesta but Kyell Gold's latest novel Shadows of the Father will be there as well as his novella Bridges which is the beginning of the new cupcake line. Further Kevin Frane who wrote the book Thousand Leaves, you might remember me writing a favorable review of it a few months back, has come out with a sequel and it will also be at the FurPlanet table. Andres Cyanni Halden's new book Seeing Spots, which i have gotten to look over and enjoyed immensely will also be there. So that is three writers all with new material and myself as well as the FurPlanet staples like Trevor's Tricks. Further they have ROAR 2 out which has shepherdwolf's excellent short story in it along with my own. Where can you go wrong? Come by the table. Buy my book. Buy their books. They take credit card and the prices are reasonable. You'll love some of this stuff. Get them all together for hours of fun

But buy my book!

Again that lovely ISO Vol. 1, Bridges, Seventh Chakra, Shadows of the Father, ROAR 2, AND Seeing Spots will be next to my book. Gotta catch them all... after you get mine of course.

Also Kyell Gold is the Furry Fiesta GOH this year and he'll sign anything. I will be greatly amused if you get him to sign MY book before me and I'll buy a drink, if you're over 21, for anyone who gets Bridges, Seventh Chakra, Seeing Spots, and Save the Day and gets the wrong author to sign each one. If you get ISO Vol 1 as well as all of those i'll make it two and if you buy ISO and Save the Day together I'll sign my book and give you a firm handshake! Where can you go wrong?