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Zia McCorgi by Cooner

"Spill it, Short Legs!"

The Journal of Zia McCorgi

World Tree [Gamer Help Please!]
Zia McCorgi by Cooner
okay so I love World Tree the RPG as a setting. Most people who know me have a basic idea of this. It is a fun game and it is only one book in the entire thing. it is self contained which i REALLY like and it involves essentially furry species which is fun ^.^

http://www.world-tree-rpg.com/ is the web page.

I'm considering running a game here in the duke city. maybe. in a little while. but this does give me an excuse to write up some mechanical stuff. I'd really like gamer geeks to tell me their thoughts on this and see if they think it fits.

First I'll put some setting information in for those who have not read the book but feel it would be important. cut for those who feel a skip is needed.

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So that is pretty cool as settings go. This works into my basic rules issue. They have a section of merits and flaws. yes this can be abused but let me get to the important part. You cna spend some merit points on a section called Experience Advantages. This is essentially packages of experience points that you buy representing a few years spent doing some profession or activity. Being a shopkeeper, a conartist, a person living in the woods, a guardsman, getting an advanced degree in some field. Pretty fun stuff and nice character build. most of them are pretty balanced.

My thing is that they didn't put in packages for some of the careers that I think make the setting. Okay they have two but not the others. Those careers would be that of Professional Magi. No not wizards, they cover that with university mage merits, but instead those people who study a certain type of magic to do a specific job. The difference is the difference between going to a Technical college for training in a profession and going to a liberal arts college.

So here are some examples of the merits coppied verbatum from the book, which I encoruge interested parties to buy) I think fit this subset again with the LJ cutting.
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So here are my packages for those who are experience in a profession:
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I considered an Airador Experience package as well but I couldn't figure out how to work that. Airador while used for weather control and communicator tends to involve other nouns and there aren't many in a general area according to the book. The other nouns Locodor, Magidor, Mentador, Spirador and Tempador are just to esoteric for such a merit package and work better for one of the university wizards ones.

So serriously thoughts?